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Imagicopter is a non-profit voluntary endeavor of authors and artists working together toward promoting their own publications while lending a hand to other writers and artists. A network system which offers authors and artists venues to promote their work via book signings, conventions, and other events. Come learn more about us and events near you and join the fun!

Imagicopter is not an agency, not a publisher, not any kind of entity at all. Imagicopter is simply the umbrella name we call our network system. This website offers links to the artists and authors you see here so that you can purchase their books and art directly from them or their publishers. It also enables public awareness of the local talent in their area, and allows the capability to see who or what may be available for events by the links provided on this website.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Hey Ya'll We're a Work in Progress

Hey ya'll come on in and have some sweat tea while I get us situated.  We have a lot of Southern talent here in the Magnolia State and the surrounding areas.  Just be patient while I get us all together for you to meet.
J L Mulvihill

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